I'm moving!

Have you been wondering where I went? The probable answer is no, but either way, CHANGES! NEW FUN! I've been pretty silent over here, but I'm back and a bit better. It was time for some new and improved fun, and it turned into a mini website project (did I tell you learning to code is my 2012 goal?)
Visit me at www.bonjournicole.com where I'll be writing, posting photos, and sharing news about projects, friends, and maybe even a little about that time I got married.


West 113th Street and Riverside Drive

Manhattan has been amazingly beautiful lately. It doesn't hurt that, aside from
the occasional cold winds, the weather has been equally perfect. I wore a sweater
outside the other day. A sweater! And no jacket! Bless you, Mother Nature.

But for now, I'm off to catch a train to celebrate Christmas with my family and my fiance.
Wishing you and yours a wonderful and happy holidays!


(Images from a day at the New Museum)

I can't believe you didn't think we'd go to a museum that has a two-story slide and carousel installation.
It's like you don't even know me!


It always seems like there are endless ways to write about typical occurrences; there are those strangers on the subway, the man who is perpetually on the stoop and tells you how to survive the neighborhood, and that weekend you spent the bulk of your afternoon in one room at the Met reading every single placard. Those are easy! Those I was prepared for! Those are the kind of things you grow up being able to write!

I was not, however, prepared for how to explain the weekend you spent celebrating your boyfriend's birthday that turned into the weekend you spent celebrating your fiancé's birthday.


This person who's been making cameos here for several months is, as you probably guessed the first time, my boyfriend. He regularly indulges my obsessive love of gourmet pizza, is patient when I am always ten minutes late to everything, and understands the importance of having a dog as soon as possible. And now we are getting married.


A Year In Review

Photo from him.

I suppose the appropriate time for a year-in-review would be January, or at the very least December, but I'm
doing it in November — specifically this day in November — for a reason. You see, it's not every year that
you take your first adult job and schlep your belongs to a too crowded apartment in New York City. And it's
not every year that it has been exactly one year to the date since said move-in. Totally confused yet? Good.


Spring isn't that great. Fall is the best season of all.
Now go listen to this obligatory fall song.


When you ride your bike a lot people start thinking you're "fit."
Just be sure to leave out the part about those long bike rides to Brooklyn ending at Pies'n'Thighs.
Because what they don't know can't hurt them.