It always seems like there are endless ways to write about typical occurrences; there are those strangers on the subway, the man who is perpetually on the stoop and tells you how to survive the neighborhood, and that weekend you spent the bulk of your afternoon in one room at the Met reading every single placard. Those are easy! Those I was prepared for! Those are the kind of things you grow up being able to write!

I was not, however, prepared for how to explain the weekend you spent celebrating your boyfriend's birthday that turned into the weekend you spent celebrating your fiancé's birthday.


This person who's been making cameos here for several months is, as you probably guessed the first time, my boyfriend. He regularly indulges my obsessive love of gourmet pizza, is patient when I am always ten minutes late to everything, and understands the importance of having a dog as soon as possible. And now we are getting married.


Kylie said...

:D I love this! Congratulations again!!

jasmine said...


Nicole said...

Thank you, thank you!!

Erin said...

What???? When?? Congrats!!! (Umm...and I hope you get a dog really, really soon. Best decision we have ever made:)