Homeless No More

Finals are stressful enough on their own. Then add in having to pack, clean and move into the mix and it turns into a whole other dilemma. Yeesh! I swear there must be a group of old men that meet in some secret room somewhere and plot ways in which they can make big events even more stressful.
Okay, in all fairness, I actually had a super easy finals week this semester but I still don't like how they make everything happen within the span of one week. Not nice!

On the bright side of things, I'm almost all packed up and, more importantly, I'm not temporarily homeless anymore! Seeing as my current landlord isn't letting us stay an extra day in our apartment (which will be vacant during the summer anyway - not that I'm bitter of course), my poor future manager took pity on us and is letting us move in on Saturday rather then making us wait until the formal check-in date on Monday. I seriously could have hugged him. Without that, we would have had nowhere to live for two days which as you can imagine wasn't really how I wanted to spend my weekend.
So aside from working tomorrow, I will spend the duration of the next two days trying to make my apartment check-out worthy. It's not really that dirty, but I definitely have been slacking off a bit in the cleaning department as of late. Hopefully this will redeem me.


I've realized that I hate non-picture blogs. I'm know that sounds like something a five-year-old would say, but it's true. So in honor of that, here's an obligatory picture:

A roommate, a friend and I in our 80's drab (yes, that's a mohawk and all real!) before the big annual 80's Night at the beginning of the fall semester. Ohhhh the memories. And the hairspray. So much hairspray.

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Angela said...

love the picture. have to admit i don't like blogs without pictures very much either.