Home, Sweet Home

My friends and I were able to find the raddest house ever to live in this summer and next year. It's an old home (someone told us 1910?), and it goes without saying that it is just filled to the brim with "character"... lots of "character". But that's why we love it. There's just something about creaky stairs, creepy basements and crazy roommates that make things fun. I was outside a few weeks ago spray painting my pretty rad DIY thrift store chair and remembered I hadn't taken any pictures of the house yet (and yes, we actually do refer to it as "the house"), so here ya go, here's a sneak into our house!

the house, and the trellis that we always feel obligated to walk through.the basement, now lovingly named the dungeon. it now also doubles as the movie room.
the infamous red door, as well as the now infamous sign.


a.b.c said...

I love that you live in a house! So cute.

Anonymous said...

I love the cute house and especially the sign on the door, that is hilarious!! We were out of town for your bday so happy belated. It sounds like you had a great time and welcome to your

Kristen said...

Love the sign. Hey, where is the pic of the chair?! I want to see!