Another reason why I adore where I live

There are occasions when I wish I lived somewhere else, as I think many people often do. I doubt it's that we're unhappy with our lives or the place we are, but rather it seems like human nature to always want the unattainable, that thing that we can't have or can't have right now. Like Trader Joe's, which I think should be built in Logan. I mean come on, me and the hippies would be ALL over that.
This season in Cache Valley is not one of those times. If there's one thing I might miss about New York it would be fall, so it's pretty lucky that I get to live somewhere that is just as gorgeous as the area I grew up in.
My sentimental feelings about the Valley will maybe probably definitely change when the snow starts to fall and the snot in my nose freezes on my walk up to campus... but until then, I'm content.

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a.b.c said...

I miss the beautiful fall colors.