It's 12:45 a.m. and I can't fall asleep. I really wish I would, with a class at 9 a.m., work from 12-5 p.m., a meeting at 5:30 p.m., and about a million things to do for our benefit concert on Wednesday, but I can't. It could be because I took a 45-minute nap today, or it could be because I live in an old house that uses steam heat and my bedroom sounds like something akin to the inside of the engine room of a train, running at full speed.
Yeah, you're right, the whole nap thing is what I was thinking, too.

So when I can't sleep and I don't feel like being useless and sitting in bed, there are usually three things I do. Blog (as apparent by this post), look at apartments on craigslist (I never said my rituals were normal), and look around at design web sites (did you know that's how "web sites" is supposed to be typed? I finally remembered that after I was royally scolded for making that error multiple times on an assignment in my journalism class). I was going through the third thing on my I-can't-sleep-ritual-list when I found this image over on decorology (a page shot from Zara Home, unfortunately not available in the States):

My first thought when I saw this?
Yeah, you read right, I just compared myself to a piece of furniture. Maybe it'll catch on and someday I can say how I totally started the trend. Or maybe not.
Anyway, I had to chuckle when I saw it because I literally thought that in my mind, "that hutch reminds me of myself."
The hutch is modern yet old fashioned, organized yet completely out of control, simple yet complex, full of color yet simply clean.
Apparently I'm a walking contradiction. And also really tired.


a.b.c said...

you need to write for your job. you're always so entertaining! I, on the other hand, just provide the facts with no entertainment.

miss brown said...

Well I guess it's good that I get to write press releases for the rest of my life, eh?

Jordan & Melanie said...

I love that!!! I think it's totally you :D