This one won't be funny

Sometimes I think I'm funny, and on rare occasions I like to think that I maybe make people laugh. Or at the least a baby giggle.
This post won't be one of those times.

I usually tend not to push politics in other's faces, and I especially don't talk about it in casual conversations, excluding those phone calls with Kristen, but seeing as this is a pretty general rant I'm going ahead with it.
As I'm sure most of you know (unless you've been living underneath a rock or in a bomb shelter), it's election time. I hope you realize what power you have right now and how important it is that you use that power and vote. I'm not trying to sway anyone in a certain political direction, I think that is your own choice and angry ranters trying to sway others make me frustrated, but I do hope you take time to think about your choice. No matter the candidate you're voting for, no matter your political stance or affiliation, what you do is important. This election is historical. Regardless of who takes the candidacy the outcome will be amazing. Having a woman on the VP ticket is amazing, and having a candidate that is something other than an older-aged, upper middle class male is a feat as well. All that matters is taking time to let your voice be heard. I can understand why some seem discouraged, feeling that their vote is unimportant because of our nation's use of the Electoral College, but not doing so is simply irresponsible and lazy. Apathy has no place in politics. Please take time and learn about the candidates, and that includes local and state campaigns as well. Read about where they stand on issues. And please, don't take what you hear as truth. As a student who has studied the inner workings of the media and news I can tell you that as much as they try, journalists and media outlets are not always fair and balanced. Be critical, never assume and most importantly, be involved.
And If you actually read through that whole post, thanks for listening to my random rant.


Kristen said...

I read it. I agree b/c it took Taylor & I waaayyy too long this weekend to figure out what was even on our state & local ballot...& I'm not talking about who/what to vote for--just who/what is on it!
Oh & since you're eating delish balsamic and pear chicken, I want the recipe!

a.b.c said...

Jared & I voted for FHE on Monday (we have mail-in ballots). I listen to a lot of talk radio (on my to & home from work) and they're always talking about politics (right now anyway). The media (esp the main news stations- NBC, CBS, etc) are really biased. So definitely read up-- but from more than one source! And then vote! Too bad they don't give out juice & cookies like at a blood drive.

MHB said...

Yes, I did read the whole post and I agree that the media is biased, especially here in New York. Amy's suggestion of cookies & Juice is the best I've heard!