Sometimes I address letters to myself

Dear Self,

It's a good thing you love your major and enjoy the work that you're doing because come next semester you are pretty much going to be HATING life. That's right, the dreaded time has come. You've toiled and figured out your semester for the next three semesters, or also known as the rest of college, and you're hoping it'll all work out. You've managed to find a RAD class about the science of textiles that will fulfill two of your upper-lever requirements and also happens to be about textiles, so naturally you'll love it. You're also hoping you can remember how to audition for something and will get into the Chorale, seeing as you had a lapse of judgement and thought being a music minor would be a GREAT idea. You know, because minors full of the dreaded one-credit class are the best!
Unfortunately, you've also managed to sign up for three of your major classes, one of which won't be hard because, let's be honest, you've learned to love writing, one that will be semi-hard, and one that will make you want to cry on many, MANY occasions. You know it's not that bad, or at least that's what you keep telling yourself, but you can't help but think that all that horror stories you've heard probably have at least a LITTLE truth to them. A class all about the study of law cases regarding media, etc. is bound to be fun, right?
At least you know that doing this, although temporary social suicide for a semester, will hopefully allow you to take it a little bit easier the last two semesters.
And if that doesn't work out we can hope that the stress will turn you into an emotional eater, and then you can go on Oprah and talk about how college made you fat and you had to wear sweats all the time because that's the only thing you could fit into. Yeah, that's sounding pretty good to me, too.

With love,

P.S. Sorry about the whole having-an-8:30-class-during-the-winter thing. I really didn't do it on purpose.


Skidmore Family said...

Just when I start thinking that it might be fun to take some classes here and there I remembered one degree is enough (for me at least).

Good luck!

a.b.c said...

Nicole, your posts are so entertaining. No fair. How come you got all the creative, good story telling/writing genes. I didn't get any!

miss brown said...

Remember that one time that you were a math major and college algebra makes me cry?
Yeah, it'd say it's fair :)
I'll write you stories and you can do my taxes or something.

Anonymous said...

Nicole, I can honestly say: You crack me up!! I LOVE the letter to self!! You will make it through college with flying colors, I promise, and then you will consider graduate school (gasp). When that happens go back and re-read this post!