Now that's what I call a murder, darling.

For those those of you who've ever participated in a murder mystery you'll understand why I've fallen in love with them. They're hilarious and pretty ridiculous. And, best of all, you don't know who the murderer is until the end, which in my case was GREAT news. You know, because as it turns out, I did it.
Twice, actually.
Apparently I'm quite fond of poisoning people and holding grudges.

It also doesn't hurt when you get to hold said murder mystery dinner at your friend's home, who just so happens to live in an old, creepy house, only adding to the ambience.

(Sorry about the grainy photos. The light was weird and they weren't taken with flash)


Jordan & Melanie said...

So, how does one of those work? I have never been to a murder mystery dinner.

a.b.c said...

that looks fun! You look very cute. Although you should not have killed those people! If Monk was there he would have known it was you. haha :)