As is becoming so typical in the lives of young women today, I'm interested in fashion. It's not because I like, totally LOVE dressing up and putting on makeup. It's not because I like spending absurd amounts of money on fashion either. Because trust me, I don't.
It's because I love the "seeing" aspect of it.
I love seeing how clothing can alter the body, whether as body dominant or subordinate. I love seeing how various cuts, fabrics and sewing techniques can be used to take a simple bolt of fabric and turn it into a masterpiece. And I love the artistic and journalistic aspect of fashion photography. It takes a man or woman in clothing and turns it into a modern-day painting. A Givenchy design becomes like a Renoir.

Unfortunately technology has ruined it. Again.

I read this article from The New York Times and had to laugh a little bit. As if any of us actually thought the photos weren't retouched anyway.

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