Social Primer

Contrary to popular belief, I'm still alive and kicking. In fact I've been very much alive and busy, which would explain why my last post was before I even left New York more than two weeks ago.
But in an unrelated-to-my-life blog post, and until I can find my USB camera cords and show you why it is I haven't had a good nights sleep since I left, I thought I'd share a blog I've been reading for some time now.

Social Primer is an etiquette/lifestyle blog about everything from being a house guest to taking out your yacht. You know, the typical things any country club-attending, Cape-vacationing, East Coaster does during their days. Or in other words, none of the things most people actually do. But regardless, I still find him oddly humorous. He reminds me how much of an old soul I am.


a.b.c said...

next time I go out yachting with my friends I'll remember to ask you for tips.

MHB said...

I guess I'll have to quit making fun of those "pinkish" shorts I see around...