I'm thankful for Steve Jobs

Just like every year, Thanksgiving dinner included everyone discussing the things each of us was thankful for. This year, however, Steve Jobs and Google Reader made my list.
Just so you know, I'm thankful for other things too, like family, friends and all that. And Thanksgiving holiday in a warm climate, like California. I highly recommend it to everyone.

The Grandparents, my cousin Zach, myself and a baby. The baby isn't mine, just to clarify.

A pretty typical photo with our clan. I don't exactly know what each the poses mean, but they represent each person perfectly.

The beach, and my shadow for the week, Bear. I'm thinking of ways to sneak him over to Utah with me.

[My camera forgot to make an appearance this trip, so all these photos are thanks to Amy]


Ky said...

Tha's crasy - I'm grateful for Google Reader, too. I'm glad you got to see your family and enjoy beautiful sunsets at the beach.

a.b.c said...

how'd you make your blog so wide? I like that.
And I like the pictures- although I'd already seen them :)

Andrea S. said...

I'm pretty sure you're shadow is going through withdrawls. I will gladly ship him to you.

It was so fun to see you this weekend. Thank you for putting up with my kids-especially Bear. I'm pretty sure he has his first crush. I'll let him figure out on his own that you're out of league.