Today I love warm weather and Paris editorials

They're not my weather averages, of course, but in not too long I get this for a whole week. Can you imagine? Every morning when I walk to classes, hunched over to limit my body's exposure to the cold and wind, I remember, just a few more weeks until WARM! It's amazing what the mere thought of warmth can do for your ambition to make it through winter.

And just for those who were curious about my bowling habits, tonight I bowled a whopping 56. Literally. That's awful even for me, the girl who can't break one hundred. I hope we can still be friends, despite my lack of bowling talent. Maybe it can even become one of those moments we try to remember when one of us is feeling pretty crappy, and we say something like, "Hey remember that time you bowled a 56? At least this isn't as bad as that!"


Kristen said...

I feel your bowling pain. I will never hold it against you.

a.b.c said...

I'm a terrible bowler too! One time I bowled in the 40's. And I often am around 80.