The Official Bucketlist

Look! I'm writing! No more videos, at least for a little while.

In February, during a basketball game of all places, a roommate, a friend and some others finally came to the realization that we were all leaving in a few months, going our own separate ways. One was applying to graduate programs, one was getting ready to teach and her husband to apply for jobs, one just wanted to go someone to speak spanish, and the other had yet to make up her mind about the future. But all agreed they really should make the most of their time. Not by spending their days studying away, although they did study, Mom, but to spend their time doing other things. All the things they thought of doing, wanted to do, or hadn't even thought of doing yet. It wasn't that they hadn't done anything fun during the earlier few years, because let me tell you they did. But occasionally more important things take precedence and the next thing you know, it's senior year and you still haven't been to Preston Senior H.S.

So then and there they decided those things ought to be done. Yes, all of those things. In three months. And thus began the Official Bucketlist.

Now it's April and time is running out. Please keep in mind some of the items on said Bucketlist weren't accomplished, which they were very sad about, and there are still some to finish, but there are quite a few finished. And that, my friends, has made this last year pretty great.

The Official Bucketlist wasn't terribly long, but long enough that an all-in-one post would be a bit overwhelming to share. That and it buys some time to finish the last few things on the list. So during the next few weeks leading up to graduation you get to join in on the Bucketlist fun and I'll be sharing what we did.

And Blogworld, just as a teaser, milking cows, NCAA basketball and a white limousine are just a few, so GET PUMPED. Or don't.

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