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Tonight I realized that I think I may be addicted to black. Seriously. If you could be addicted to a color mine would be black for sure. Don't get me wrong, I love color a lot. When it comes to homes, rooms, things like that I love light, airy decor, but for clothes black is my crutch. I was talking to my roommate about my trip and I told her how TR and I had gone to a great store called Steve & Barry's and I got a dress (only $8.95! Amazing, huh?) and I how I was pretty proud of my purchase. She asked to see it and I told her it wasn't anything fancy, just a cute black dress. That's when she laughed. "Another black dress," she said. I guess I hadn't realized how my wardrobe, especially my biz casual wardrobe, basically consists of black, white, black & white and red. It's not even that I have a ton of dresses, it's just that they all happen to be black. So much for variety, eh? (Eh? Yeah, I don't know when I became Canadian either)
So, on that note, and in honor of the hopefully upcoming spring, I'm going to try to branch out and try new options (and colors!) even if it kills me. Oh, and trust me, I wouldn't actually purchase any of these absurdly priced dresses, they're just good reference points. And if for nothing else they're good for ideas to test my sewing skills I'm working on, with great assistance from the Mama.

RM Moon Dress in red, net-a-porter.com
(and if a had a few extra thousand to spare I probably would go with the Christian Louboutin pumps they suggested, too)

Jill Stuart Hayden Champery Mini Dress, net-a-porter.com
This one's not one I would normally have gone for (I'm not the biggest fan of bows) but for some reason I like it. Lower the hem a bit and you've got a darn cute cocktail dress

Silk dot-print wrap dress in navy, bananarepublic.com

Well, there you go. That's my attempt at branching out.
Speaking of branching out, I'm getting my hair trimmed soon and I can't wait. I'm in the awkward grown out stage of my short hair cut and something needs to be done, pronto! My bangs are too long and my layers are too long so they flip out weirdly on one side - hence why I always have it curled. Oh, and the best part is is that the back has grown out and does this weird curl thing at the nape of my neck which ends up making me look like Mrs. Brady. Totally hot.
I could go to some random place but I love where I get my hair cut, so if you ever know anyone in Logan or traveling through that needs a good hairstyle you should definitely send them over to Serendipity Salon. They are so nice and professional and they give great haircuts. Wow, I should get paid for this advertisement. But really, they're great.

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McKell H. Costa said...

Oh my goodness I miss Serendipity SO freaking much! Who cuts your hair there? (Sorry I know this is an old post but I just saw it.!)