You know you're a schmuck if...

You know you're a schmuck if... you get caught in a prostitution ring scandal while I'm vacationing in California.
Way to go Spitzy, you're a class act! Nothing says cleaning up the capitol like spending ridiculous amounts of money on a prostitute. Don't pretend like you're some sort of mensch and then schlep some girl down to D.C. You knew you were going to get caught, it only worked for Richard Gere, duh. Oy, what a schmeggege!

Okay, sorry for that rant but while I'm a proud New Yorker I am not so proud of my former governor. And sorry for all the yiddish but for some reason when I start angry rants yiddish comes out. Yep, on the inside I'm really an old yiddish bubbe.

Okay, on to the better and less scandal-ridden news.

Well, I'm home from California! It was nice to come home after being away but seriously, was snow on my drive up through Sardine Canyon really necessary?! Oh mother nature, you toy with my emotions so. I was hoping that during the week I was gone all the snow would have melted (most of it did!) and it would suddenly be spring. Sadly the latter part of that didn't happen. At all. Oh well, I guess that will just make spring and warm weather that much better.
So, California was amazing! Taryn and I braved the 12+ hour drive (you didn't think we wouldn't make pit stops did you?) to San Jose to see Amy (and Jared of course!) and spend our spring break out there. I was so proud of my baby - it made it through the Sierra Nevadas, San Francisco, Monterey, Carmel and all the way home, what a champ. And as an added bonus, I got to see my cousin Andrea who was there for a day shooting Amy's engagement! And in the process of seeing my sister I acquired a desk, tv, tv stand and a few appliances. Needless to say, my roommates are loving on my sister this week.
Just to make you a little bit more jealous of the fun I had while you were all in the cold or working, here's a summary of our trip: San Jose, African drummers, San Francisco, cross-dressers, crab season, mass transit, photos with statues, H&M, Lombard Street, Ghirardelli Square, China Town, Golden Gate Park, Ikea, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Carmel & the ocean, and a few trips to the great food establishment of In N Out Burger. Oh, and little bit of getting lost, naturally.
Here's a few pictures (of the million we took) while there.

Ten cool points to anyone who can name this movie scene.

There was some random steam at a park near a museum in
San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, so obviously we played in it.

The first day back to classes was glorious, obviously (gag!), but today I actually realized there isn't too much longer until finals, and then summer! That means I'm that much closer to moving into our house, my sister's wedding, my roommates wedding (!) and all the other excitement of summer.

That's all for now. Hopefully this was enough to keep Amy entertained at work for at least five minutes.

New music: Amy Winehouse's cover of "Valerie" (she may be addicted to cocaine/heroin/jack daniel's/who know's what, but I still love her).

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haha. it did keep me entertained. thanks!