Isn't it spring yet?

Seriously? You have got to be kidding me!
It snowed last night. Not just a few flakes but enough that my car had a dusting and the grass was white this morning. Wasn't the first day of spring last week? Oy gevalt. Mother Nature needs to get with the program. Doesn't she know I'm quite ready for spring? Well, if she doesn't know, I am.

I wish I had something cool or exciting to write about, but I don't. I made a really good ham sandwich today for dinner (seriously, it was so good!), but that's not very exciting to write about. Plus if I actually dedicated a whole post to my ham sandwich and how good it was I would look like a weirdo, and I already look like enough of a weirdo, I don't need help adding to it.

I guess I can salvage this waste of a post by saying that the New York Times' Thursday Styles section was particularly good today. You should read it. (Note: We get the Times free on campus and due to this I've become a newspaper junkie. It's actually kind of gross because now I walk around with paper ink residue on my fingers until I get a chance to wash them. People probably think I just don't shower or something. Don't worry, I do. Usually.) It had a few really good articles. The first was about Thomas Maier, the creative director for Bottega Veneta. Once again it hit on the fact that his bags, shoes, etc. are consistently priced higher than most luxury goods brands, but the interesting part was the analysis of why that is and it's more than just making a bigger profit. Basically, they spend longer on each product, adding to the labor costs, and they also are marketing to a different group than others. His bags haven't been fed to the brand-wolves and turned into something akin to a monogramed towel, thank goodness. Don't get me wrong, some of them are cute, but overall, minimalism is cuter than showing off to the world who made your bag. Obviously this is not really relative to many considering that most people don't plan on spending over a thousand dollars on a bag, but the underlying theme is a good one. Buy quality once instead of quantity multiple times. And quality isn't to be confused with price, because I've seen some pretty crappy clothing in nice stores. Very expensive clothing, but still crappy nonetheless.

In other news, I cut my hair. It's short again. If my memory serves me right I'm pretty sure I told her to keep all the length she could and just clean up the back, but I somehow ended up with pretty much the same haircut she gave me the last time it was cut. Ehh, oh well. At least I like it. I think. Okay, I'm getting used to it. I went in expecting it to stay longer. On the bright side, with it being shorter I can hawk it up again!


kristen said...

Did you also see the cool firehouse turned home/art studio last week? So cool. It made me want to find some old cool building and restore. It was in the Style section too (well at least online...i'm too lazy to carry the paper around. that or i'm saving the planet-whatever excuse you most enjoy.)

Miss Brown said...

Ohhh yes I saw it! It made me want to buy some cool industrial building and convert it into a house.
Way to save the planet!

Jordan & Melanie said...

I hear you on the spring thing!!! I so want spring to come. I was so mad when I woke up on Monday to 4" of snow!!! I had just put all my sweaters away and now have to get them back out. Yuck. What is up with this weather??