Do I get a couch tomorrow?

I found a bike this morning. I woke up and went into our kitchen/living room area and found a mountain bike. I don't know whose it is or why it's in my apartment, or how it got there. I just want to know if random things popping up in my apartment is going to be a common occurrence from now on, and if so, can I make requests on what we get next?

Aside from the bike appearance in my apartment this morning, nothing too exciting is going on, and it's really gloomy and cloudy outside, so I decided to post some pictures from my trip to San Fran and try to stop thinking about how much I want spring right now.

This is the gorgeous Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.
It was modeled after the Notre Dame Cathedral in France, and let me just say, they did a pretty good job of it!
(Not that I personally know, I just studied it a TON in my art history course)

This is the Hotel Huntington (obviously), which is just across the street from Grace Cathedral

The benches in Golden Gate park near the outdoor theater and the museum.
These trees were EVERYWHERE and T and I still never figured out what they are.

You'll find out that I like taking pictures with statues, and after taking a bunch with the ones around Golden Gate park T and I took some random ones while the onlookers watched, probably thinking we were crazy.
Ehh, oh well. We were near Berkeley.

A shot of the jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in (where else?) Monterey

Okay, confession, this is actually a building in downtown San Juan, from a vacation to Puerto Rico but I couldn't resist. It was so gorgeous there and this area had the coolest buildings.

[New music: "My Moon My Man" - Feist]

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yay for San Francisco.