You're not five anymore, pleased get dressed

You'll have to forgive me for this random rant, but I have traveling on the brain.

With my impending trip home to New York I've been busy getting things ready to leave, packing, making sure I don't forget the important stuff like underwear, etc. Doing all this has me thinking (dangerous, I know) - I don't know many people that have to pack up and get on a plane at a moments notice; most trips are planned in advance and not spur-of-the-moment. People don't have to rush out of their houses to get on a plane without time to change. So, why is it that I always, without fail, see people in the airport in sweats, pajamas and the worst of all, velour pants and matching jackets. I don't get it. I understand it's nice to be comfy on the plane and while you're waiting in the inevitable awful security line that never seems to end and is always full of screaming babies and people who don't understand the concept of lines, but since when are sweats the only comfy thing you can wear? Unless you're under the age of five and traveling on a red-eye flight in your pajamas you can wear real clothes, I promise it's okay. I've seen a lot of really comfortable dresses, pants, etc that are perfect for traveling. Not getting dressed isn't helping you be comfy, it's just helping you be lazy.


Skidmore Family said...

I was planning on wearing my sweat pants on the plane. Now I'll have to change my whole wardrobe so I won't feel like you're going to lose it any second and tell me how lazy I am!

Kenzie K. said...

Nice one! I totally agree. I also have a random question for you . . . Where did you design the template for your blog or did you just create it on your own?

Miss Brown said...

I did a little of both - I used one of the templates that blogspot has, but I tweaked the background image and some of the other stuff.