Sweet Gnocchi Heaven

For the past ten or so years of my life I've been having a slight case of identity crisis. My heritage tells me I'm English and Welsh and my taste buds keep saying Italian, but who can help themselves when your native foods are nasty meat stews and unrecognizable potato dishes. I mean really, were they surprised that the life expectancy was something like age 15 with that kind of food? With that said, anyone who knows me knows that I love food, and specifically Italian food (... and Greek. And Japanese. But who's counting really). The basics aren't that hard to come by and it's generally in the preparation that makes it delish. That is unless all you want in life is good pasta. Too bad the grocery store still wants me to pay a nauseating amount of money for a package of so-called pasta. Mhmm, yeah right.
So my only alternative to the stupid below-par pasta nazis was to try to do it myself. You could say it's the stubborn side in me, but I just like to think that any means should be taken for good pasta. I really like this recipe website and they had a great recipe for gnocchi, probably the most expensive pastas of the bunch, so I figured I'd give it a go.
Can you say sweet fluffy potato pasta heaven?!
The whole ordeal took about one and a half hours (including the potato cook time and time to boil the gnocchi) but it was absolutely worth it. It's a relatively simple recipe but the result was so good, all it needs it a good sauce and some mozzarella to top it off. It also didn't hurt that everything I used I already had in our kitchen. And if you've never had gnocchi before I highly recommend trying it. (If you're making it at a high altitude, however, you'll want to add just a bit more flour when you knead it so the dough isn't too tacky)

To sum it all up, I just wasted two hours of my life and it was so worth it


a.b.c said...

you inspire me

MHB said...

Boy, you're having all this homemade food and us.... we're gearing up for the Peijing Olympics. (That means take out Chinese!)

Kristen said...

yum. So i think we should put that on the list for our annual Christmas break night of international foods. Yum. I love gnocchi. It's all I ate in Italy except for gelato. My 2 true Italian loves!!!!