Urban Dining

This summer has made me think, and most of all, it has made me realize once again how much I love the little things - going to the park, the anticipation of fall football pick-up games, doing nothing for an evening but sitting on the porch with food, drinks and friends. So, it pretty obvious that I absolutely loved this article in The Times, an article reminding us all to relax, forget about being "cool", and most of all enjoy yourself. From an outsider's standpoint those interviewed for the article come off a bit elitists at times but in reality all they want is the returned simplicity of city life. The perpetual construction of condos and shoddy housing, it's all fine but there's something so sweet, so nostalgic about sitting out on the porch (or sidewalk, fire escape, etc.) and enjoying the summer heat. I love the idea they have about reclaiming the public space and using it, not just inhabiting it but really using it. That's the real city that I love. It's not Times Square or the giant tourist attractions, it's going uptown or to Brooklyn (gasp!) and seeing the people, the real element that makes it what it is.
Take time to stop and sit, watch the people around you and see the beauty in everything you see.
Next on the summer agenda: front lawn picnic! Maybe we'll even invite our crazy neighbors who call us "neighbor" (They really do. When we see them this one kid always says, "oh, hey neighbor!").


MHB said...

We have some good space you could come and reclaim, picnic on, play ball etc. You can even see fireflies each night and count the stars. However you usually don't see any neighbors to call you "neighbor" as they are not that close. (I'm trying to make you homesick to visit in case you couldn't tell)

Miss Brown said...

I wish I could!
Just think, if I ever get that perfect job in the city I'll only be a train ride away and I can visit you whenever I want (or you can visit me!).