It's like opening a can of worms

I officially received my first "tag" today from my Aunt Tami, and I'm supposed to list my top five quirks. Oh, for the love of all that is good Tami, I hope you know what you're getting everyone into. Where to begin in my mountainous list of quirks...

Leveling: I cannot stand when photos hung on a wall are crooked. I'll fix them, even at stranger's homes. Really. One of my friend's houses always had crooked photos and they would laugh at me because I'd go around straightening all the frames. And while we're talking about level frames, let's just branch out and say everything, because let's be honest, if something isn't level I'll fix it.

Water wasters: My roommates can attest to this one, but I cringe when I see people with running water. Don't get me wrong, I love water as much as the next guy but letting it run when you're not using it is definitely one of my major pet peeves. Hello, WASTENOTWANTNOT.

Table settings: This one is a bit out of the norm, but for some reason it really bugs when table's are not set correctly. I pass the blame to my parents and their etiquette. Way to make me actually care about manners, MOM AND DAD :)

Lights: I'm always turning off lights in my house. I again blame this one on my parents, seeing how I have many fond memories of my dad reminding me to stop leaving every single light in the house on. This one can also go on the list of "Scary Moments When I Realize I'm Turning Into My Parents". It's a long one. [I.E. the other day we were all leaving and were late so I went running out of the house yelling, "If you want to come with me get in the car, now!" And then I realized that that sounded scarily like every Sunday morning in my household. My roommate didn't understand why I said I was creeping myself out.]

Speed Walker: I always walk fast. Like, REALLY fast. I don't know why but I've always done it. People must think I'm always in a hurry.

Now, let's be glad I can stop at five because who knows how long the list would become. Oy!


a.b.c said...

oh good times with our family.

MHB said...

It was good times. I can't wait until Christmas!

Kristen said...

I find myself doing something that freaks me out way to often! Especially when I'm getting frustrated or upset... argh!