Thank the world for people

People like the writer behind Door Sixteen, a blogger from Newburgh, NY. She posted this piece of glorious-ness on the 14th, and I couldn't help but share. After all, she insisted on forwarding it.
And if you've some free time on your hands (because I know we're all sooooo out of things to do during the day) you should check out Door Sixteen. I first read about her a while back and immediatley fell in love because, well, she blogs about design and gives me MAJOR eye candy to look at. Oh, and did I mention she's from Newburgh, NY? I get uber excited about local things so naturally it was love. I can't help it if Google Reader and the blogs I read have made into somewhat of a web-stalker. Having, like, 50 feeds on your Reader every day is healthy, right? Oh good, I thought so too.


Kristen said...

That's so awesome--I could have been writing that! I've actually had to point that out to unsuspecting friends several times. The one that tricks me is the sewn pockets--that I know should be unstitched, but sometimes they hide so well it takes me months to figure out there is a pocket there no just a pretty line.

DDB said...

I loved that blog. And all the comments really had me laughing. Ever since my days when I worked at Mr. Mac's that drives me up the wall too. I was just surprised at how many people were obsessive repressed snippers - dying to cut the threads but afraid to say anything.

Why don't the people who sell the clothes say something? It must be a conspiracy...