Some substanance from time to time...

I really love writing, which is one of the first things that first drew me to public relations (that, and I knew I would die if I majored in English. Bless the souls of those do), so I was slightly appalled when I realized I've been filling your RSS feeds with fluff for the past few weeks. Do you want to know that I had Peter Bjorn and John in my head for two weeks? Perhaps. Did you really care to see photos from the Marc Jacobs Fall Collection. Probably not.

I'll try to be better. Starting now.

I'm so amazed when I think about the person I am compared with who I was only a few years ago. It's so strange to think back and see how you've changed. I'm not sure why but it seems like I've been having a lot of those "Ooh" moments lately. Whether it's music, dress or anything else I feel like I'm so different ... while still being the same.
Yeah, I know that doesn't make sense but just go along with it, mmk?

Now that I wrote real text, perhaps another photo? Come onnn, it's Fashion Week for goodness sake.

Marchesa Fall 2009 Collection
[images via style.com]

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Ky said...

That's funny that you have Marchessa gowns on here - there is a Marchessa spread in Bazaar (March), and I was just oohing and aahing over it. They're fantastic.