The end of the semester

Going home shouldn't be so terrifying, but that's exactly how I'm feeling. There are only three weeks until school is out (cue Alice Cooper) and the closer it gets the more nervous I'm becoming.
This past summer I stayed in town and had an amazing time. The summer months here are so different than the two main semesters. People are friendly, the weather is perfect, the mountains are lovely as ever, and you almost forget the times during winter when you swore you'd never come back. But during that time I became so comfortable I didn't realize by going home I'd be going three months without seeing a number of people who've become like family to me. And that scares the dickens out of me.
It's not that I don't lovelove going home, because I do. I promise. It has all the things I crave and miss terribly while I'm away (including two adorable parents, a certain retail store I owe for the majority of my wardrobe, people who talk as fast as I do, and that awesome flea market I could wander around for hours). It's that I only just realized it's been a year since I've spent more than a week at home. The last time was almost exactly a year ago for my sister's wedding, and even then there were so many people and things happening I didn't really have time to think about it.
This time it's a whole summer and I'll have plenty of time to think about it. And be grateful for unlimited long-distance, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling sad for you. What do you have going on for the summer? A job waiting for you? I know your parents are going to love having you around as I'm sure it's pretty quiet around there. Or...maybe not.
Or you could stick around and take classes Spring and Summer like McKenzie. Year round school, yeah!!

Ky said...

You better use that unlimited long-distance!!

Btw- moving across the country is crazy.