Things I've learned from Tim

A few years ago my Mother decided to start including those thought-a-day calendars in our Christmas stockings and, as with many of her ideas, it has become somewhat of a tradition.
Opening them up on Christmas morning is always fun, with the almost endless things you can stick on 365 pages of a calendar proving to be pretty entertaining. One year my father got a Spanish word-a-day calendar, I think Kristen once got a French word one, and even though I can't remember what Amy's received I'm guessing at least one had to do with math (It wouldn't be a stretch considering she used to own a poster that read "Math Is Everywhere" she proudly displayed in her dorm room for several years). So, in other words, they got those boring "smart people" calendars. Luckily for me I had to take one for the team and be the one to get the "fun" calendars. Yeah, life's pretty tough sometimes.

This past Christmas I was understandably thrilled when I got my thought-a-day calendar. It didn't even matter what it said, because all I knew when I opened it was Tim Gunn's face was on the front. For those that don't understand the Nicole Thought Process, that means, SWEET GOODNESS I'm going to really enjoy this year. And I have. Every day so far.

Some days they're random facts, tidbits about fabrics and textiles, or even witty adages I can totally imagine him saying, followed by his mantra "make it work!" Then there are those days where I just stand at my dresser staring at my calendar, laughing to myself. Today's might have been one of my favorites this year.

"It is never a good idea to have a provocative
word printed on the seat of your pants."

Oh, Tim. I love you, I really do. I'm glad I read that before I went out and bought those sweat pants with HOTTIE! written on the back. They would've been like, totally awesome, but I trust you so I'll resist.

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4 Reale said...

Never been wiser words. My fav is when a girl (or boy, who am I to judge?) has a weggie, and well, the words are adjusted...

You get the idea.

Hottie becomes Hoe.