I'm sorry Alaska, you're not on my list of future places to live

Although being thrown into something completely new gives me a mini case of nausea, I love change. Since I started college and finally settled down with a major I can't count the number of times I've answered the "So, what are you doing after graduation?" question. It's happened so many times I'm pretty sure I don't even think about it anymore. ("PR, next May, working.") I can usually tell what they're going to ask and answer before they've even finished with the question. It's easier that way, they don't have to waste energy on asking those I-can't-ask-anything-original questions. But of course they have to follow up with a "Where?" question, because you know, I have my life planned out. Come on, spontaneity anyone?

I actually kind of hate that last question because I would love to end up in the city for a while but I really could be happy anywhere, as long as I liked what I was doing. Which doesn't really narrow down my options much. That leaves pretty much anywhere minus Alaska (too cold), Montana (too much of NOONELIVESTHERE!) and a few unnamed southern states.

It's scary to think about living in a town you're not used to, one where the only person you know is the awkward neighbor who walks his cat, but I've done it once before (minus the cat man part) so I'm hopeful I can do it again someday. But, I've realized with my flexibility on where I live in the future there is at least one thing I couldn't live without wherever it is I end up after graduation.


If you know me at all, or even if you're just a blog stalker and I don't actually know you, you should know music makes up about 75% of my thoughts at all times. I'm a big fan, and an even bigger fan of live music. Jazz, acoustic, maybe even a little hardcore from time to time. Even Logan, despite it's small town-ness, has a decent music scene that has left me quite content during my time here.

I figure if Logan can have good live music it's really not too much to ask of my future place of residence.

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