Just doing my part to make my Mama proud

Girl Talk and Lupe Fiasco played at the University of Utah's Grand Kerfuffle concert on Wednesday and some friends and I went down for the show.  It had been raining/snowing on and off the whole day but stopped in time for the festivities.  Not that it would've detered us from going and getting our dance on.

Did I really go dressed like this? Absolutely. Did you seriously expect me to pass those pants up?
Were Girl Talk and Lupe Fiasco amazing? More than I can say. Lupe played "Hip-Hop Saved My Life" and it was epic.
Did I get covered in mud from the knees down? Yes sir, and it was so worth it.

listening to: "J'Ai Deux Amours" - Madeleine Peyroux


4 Reale said...

Bless you child.

MHB said...

I'm proud ---- I think?