La Blogotheque

I rarely spend time on YouTube, which you might not guess by looking at the number of videos that I post (too many), but when I do I always find something spectacular. Like La Blogotheque's YouTube channel, which I first learned about a while back when I was looking up a Bon Iver video and found the Parisian a cappella version of "For Emma."

La Blogotheque puts together "take away shows," essentially taking artists and filming them (quite brilliantly I might add) performing impromptu acoustic shows to give a gritty, in your face type of music video. Or at least that's what I think they're doing. Their Web site is in French so it really didn't serve as a great resource for me as a not-at-all-even-a-little-bit French speaker. After the impromptu show idea it didn't take much to impress me, I already knew it'd be love.

Seriously, I was hooked. Then they went ahead and had to get all awesome on me and have amazing artists performing as well. Bless those hipsters and their good music.

Here are a few of my favorites:

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Ky said...

Wow. Those were beautiful. Thanks. My favorites were "Dream" and "Dance Dance Dance" Yay, new music!