I'd like to pretend I'm above reality. I'd like to pretend I could sit here and write some diatribe against the major networks, all about the demise of television and how them pushing reality television is to blame (which it is). I'd like to pretend I wouldn't dream of even pretending to associate myself with reality TV.
Really, I wish I could. But then I would be a big fat liar, and a hypocrite too.
You see, reality shows are pretty stupid and really have no purpose, other than showing how humanity has become so unimaginative that we have to rely on dramatizing the lives of others, of course. So it only makes sense that it's kinda maybe might possibly be a guilty pleasure of mine. For some reason having to know who could be the next Food Network star is crucial to my well-bring. And I don't know if What Not To Wear counts as reality but child, if you took that away I'd be going through withdrawals for weeks. WEEKS, I TELL YOU.
Why am I telling you this, you're wondering?
Because this song by Roisin Murphy has been stuck in my head for weeks, all thanks to a certain dance reality show and my former roommate who used to make me watch SYTYCD clips on YouTube. What an enabler.


Ky said...

Ha ha ha ha!! Yeah, I'm proud of my actions. Don't worry though...my very existence depends on my weekly viewing of the Next Food Network Star. Nic, I was literally jumping up and down when Debbie was kicked off. I want Melissa to win SO BADLY! Ha ha...

4 Reale said...

This one summer I had DVR. It just happened to be the same summer I got addicted to SYTYCD. ALSO the same season this video came from.

Nicole, I never took a dance class.



And, you know what? I have memorized that freaking dance from Miss Murphy because IT IS SO INCRED.

Judge away.

lone_reed said...

SYTYCD=Amazing! You seriously need to see the original version of that dance without Wade...it is even better than this one!

P.S. The Roisin Murphy CD is wonderful too.