Died. I've died, and gone to musical Heaven

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When it's cold and wintry outside all I usually want to do is wear wool sweaters, drink warm drinks and maybe indulge in my guilty pleasure of watching action films. You thought I was going to say chick flicks, didn't you? Well, now you know, I love a good action film, people. Have you never seen Rundown? You're missing out. Just imagine Dwayne Johnson, almost too ridiculous plot sequences and Christopher Walken.

But I digress.

More oft times than not, in the winter I really just want to wear wool sweaters and listen to summery music. And "Follow The Arrow," by singer Rosi Golan, makes me think of spring. Which is nice when the trees are looking like this again.

You can listen on her Web site, or here, on Aurgasm.

Now it's your turn. What are your winter songs? Or spring, summer, and fall songs?

[P.S. Dear fellow past-teenie boppers, please tell me you remember M2M. You do? Well look who grew up and kept singing.)


Kristen said...

I'm loving Rosi Golan... I can really get into this acoustic-ness you often like, but sometimes they have...well...whiny voices. But she has such a clear, bright voice.

Kylie said...

Agreed. I'm certainly enjoying Rosi. However, I'm loving miss Marit! So impressed with that song - considering what she was singing before. (ha ha) :)

Miss B said...

It's so true, Ky. I'm glad you enjoyed, because I laughed so hard when I read she was from M2M. Whodathunkit!