Free art makes this girl happy

I'm terrible at art, as I'm sure you'll be hearing seeing as I somehow landed myself in a drawing class, but I have always loved it at least as an observer. One problem, however. I'm in college. And poor. And art is not always ever conducive with this. But I like to think sometimes the art gods send a little good karma the way of art lovers. And what do you know, they have.

Okay, here's the deal. Go here, to Jennifer Squires' site, and follow the directions for an 8x10 review print of Elviage Pearl. The only catch is that you must submit your address by Thursday, Jan. 21, at midnight. That's it. Seriously.

Now I'm all excited for it to come and will probably start waiting for the mail carrier every afternoon now.

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Kristen said...

Hey thanks. Now it better come--b/c if they trick me then i will be sad.