Tanya Gold and I will never be friends.

You may have heard about this article, but if not, well, now you have.
I'm not going to say much about it other than post a link to it and tell you I disagree with the method and means of the presentation of her opinion. I also find it a little disconcerting she almost mocks the life of a sixteen-year-old girl by blaming the fashion companies, magazines and designers for her untimely death.

Major party foul, Tanya. MAJOR. PARTY. FOUL.

[Feel free to search her name or the article name and you'll find a bevy of rebuttals and opinions writing by those both in and out in the fashion industry. Some are civil, some are not-so-civil, and some make me wonder if Ms. Gold should be worried about her home soon being egged by Manolo- and Louboutin-clad masses, out for her head.]


Kristen said...

I think if you really read what happened to the young girl, this is a lesson to follow the signs that say "Mind the gap" & not try to run along-side the train to say goodbye to your friends. This is more about common train-safety than fashion. You walk across the yellow line to get on the train & off. Otherwise stay back.

Kristen said...

I liked the comment that said,
"I think it's a bit much to try to pin the death of that young girl on fashion, unless you're making 'snow' and 'running' codefendents."

However, I do think the author had some right points. Some of the messages that fashion or skinny supermodels teach is not good---money doesn't buy happiness, you're beautiful the way you are, cute clothes can't get you a good man or make your insides pretty, don't try to keep up with the jones', etc. But that's called a reality check. & you don't have to give up cute shoes or fun accessories to figure out that. Maybe just the $200 cute shoes & $50 cute accessories.

p.s. i feel your rant.