I miss it, that thing I did once.

You know, that thing I did once. That thing I've spent 80% of my time doing for the past four years. That thing I feel like I haven't done in about ten months. That thing I've abandoned for YouTube clips and music (albeit good clips and great music, but you know what I mean). That thing with the words and the typing.

Ah, yes. Writing, that's what that thing is called.

I miss writing, and I want to do it again. You know, after I find a job, graduate from college and finalize MY FUTURE. After that.

Until then it's likely to be more nonsense, unless of course someone proposes a topic to write about. And I'll write about it, I swear.

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Funk Master B said...

Existential waterslides! Love in the Time of Chocolate! Book Reviews (textbooks vehemently excluded)! The Quest for the Perfect Handstand! Cheese-ology! Polish Exodus! The ideas are limitless.

Then again I haven't updated mine in a while.

Miss B said...

I love it all! Those are wonderful suggestions, Nate!