The cutest swimsuit I've ever seen

My Dearest J.Crew,

You obviously could tell that I've been looking for a cute, vintage-inspired swimsuit. Why else would you have gone and put all those great options on your Web site? Was it because you knew I'd be getting spring fever early this year and could use a new swimsuit? Because you remembered me saying I've been checking the weather for my spring break destination since January? Or was it to tempt me, because year after year you just have a knack at making great clothes? I mean, one of your designers was just named one of the best American menswear designers for 2010 by GQ Magazine for goodness sake.

So, J.Crew, if you knew all these reasons to love them, and most of all this one, why couldn't you have made them NOT $80? Didn't you remember I'm a college student? No? Well, I am.

Therefore I ask, could do something about that price issue? If you did I'd be forever in your debt. Or if you don't and I buy it, then I really would be in debt. Which is not a great option.

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Cami said...

i checked out anthropologie's swimsuits today. they are the most beautiful ones i've ever seen. and they're $168. yeah.