A Move and a Marathon

I almost can't believe it's been just less than a month since I posted last, when I told you I'd be gone a little bit longer. I lied. It was going to be a lotta bit longer.

In the meantime, there have been even more changes than just a career change, including a move. And although the months post-school have been few, I seemed to have forgotten how much fun moving is. Like the fun I had when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Or those weeks I spent with my arms in casts having all that fun. (What, it's suddenly weird to break both your arms at once? I thought it was pretty normal.)

The good news, however, is I think I'm all major-changed-out. Let's all take a collective sigh.

Jared and me at the ING NYC Marathon
this past weekend. I obviously didn't
run, so it was just like a party for me.


Kylie said...

Yay! Post pictures of your place! Talk about your job! Where do you go shopping for food? Hooray for actually living IN THE CITY!! :)

Jo said...

Who what when where WHY are you now in New York!? Jealousy...it hurts. I am here to request a full post explaining the story, pictures of your place, etc. etc.
Thank you and goodnight.