The Temper Trap

I've been a little bit in love with my mornings, because although I live pretty close to work geographically, it's about a 30-minute commute with the way the subways run. That means if I'm lucky enough to grab a seat I can sit, listen to music, and people watch. Because really, that's the best thing to do when you live in New York City.

And this song has been one of my favorites each morning. It's so ethereal and I can't help but imagine all the people in my car modern dancing around to the music, instead of looking so rushed to get to work.


Kylie said...

Nic, I love love love this song so much! I seriously think I've listened to it every day since I first heard it which was over 6 months ago. :D Ah. I love it.

Funk Master B said...

Saw these guys on Fallon. Like 'em I did.

McKell H. Costa said...

I think I will live vicariously through you for a few moments. And yes the vision of rushed working people dancing on the subway to this nice tune fits my mind perfectly. Thank you for this moment:)