I know. I tell you how I like to write, how I really do it from time to time. And I do, I honestly do. I even have things I could tell. You see, I could tell you about finally moving into a new apartment. One without mice and cockroaches, green-haired roommates, and gaping holes in wood floors, and instead with a real kitchen and intact structure. I could write about a super not-so-secret personal project I'm terribly excited about. I could explain who he is. And I could even write a whole diatribe on the last ten months in New York (but would leave out the not-so-distant echoes of gun shots and shady neighborhoods, for the sake of my mother and her sanity).

And I will. In time.

But for now, rather than that, I'm telling you about this video. Because, although I occasionally forget MTV still exists, Adele makes me glad they still put on the horror show that is the VMAs.

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steve and emily said...

Absolute perfection... well, except for those talons she calls nails.