Sweet Classical Goodness!

I'm going to be a classical music nerd for like five minutes, okay?

I recently heard about the Vitamin String Quartet from one of my roommates, and since then it's been love.  They have a few traditional quartet pieces, but they mostly do covers of contemporary music.  Cool, you say?  Oh just wait, it gets better!  No joke, they have over 100 cover CD's, with everything from 2pac to John Mayer to Depeche Mode.  It's like classical heaven on a CD!  If you even remotely like classical music I would seriously recommend getting a CD, or at the least buying a song or two - they have their CD's on iTunes.

Here's a few (A few? Yeah right, I can't really pick a few out of over a hundred albums) of my favorites.  These first two are my favorite favorites, but they're all good:

"Exit Music (For a Film)" - Strung out on OK Computer-The String Quartet Tribute to Radiohead
"Enjoy the Silence" - The String Quartet Tribute to Depeche Mode
"Imagine" - The String Quartet Tribute to the Beatles
"Sadie Hawkins Dance" - String Quartet Tribute to Relient K
"One-Eighty By Summer" - Strung Out on Taking Back Sunday: The String Quartet
"Fat Bottom Girls" - The String Quartet Tribute to Queen
"Bohemian Rhapsody" - The String Quartet Tribute to Queen

Alright, now you can laugh at my dorkiness. Okay, don't laugh that much.


kristen said...

I love them!! They have so many of my favorites... ah who couldn't love classical after this. Now I know what songs to ask Taylor buy for me on itunes.

Ryan Annette Kaylie & James said...

Ryan and I are definitely going to look into them! They sound great we'll let you know what we think.

Kenzie K. said...

Thanks for posting these guys . . . I went and checked them out and they are awesome! Good find.