I'm swear they're not paying me

So I feel a little bit like a walking ad right now, but I swear I'm not. I just think it's cool.
Anywayyyy, the director of PR & Marketing at the University did a guest lecture a few days ago for PRSSA and talked a little bit about this video, so I was excited to finally see the end result. And, It doesn't hurt that I love seeing people I know in the video.


Kristen said...

The second one is sooooo funny! I love how they're like "wait, what?"

Kristen said...

The end of the second one--"I'll just wait, my bladder is strong cuz my dad wouldn't let me go on roadtrips." Awesome!

miss brown said...

I know, I laughed SO hard when I saw it. I love it because the guy in the suit? Definitely the USU president And the guy in the black vest is my PR professor.