This isn't anything like Senior Prom

I don't have anything of substance to write, and the only thing on my mind is music.
Surprise, surprise.
There are other things that could warrant blog posts in the future, like my opinion on counterfeit goods and knockoff handbags or why my relationship with Mother Nature is a bit like Chris Brown & Rihanna, but once again the writing drive isn't there. And Oprah already dedicated a whole episode to the abuse fiasco. She always steals my thunder.
So until then, take a listen to this instead. It's lovely and completely fitting for my mood. I may like it even more than the album version.

When I was looking for a YouTube version of "For Emma" I found a video for "Flume," recorded at the 89.3 radio station. Take a listen. It'll make you hate yourself because you'll never be as good at life as he is at singing. But alas, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

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